Here is what we have to say about working with Sheri when building our new home:

Sheri brings a breath of fresh air in her approach, and she did a great job of balancing her input with our ideas and decisions. We hadn’t worked with a designer before and were afraid we would end up with a place that was hers, not ours. When doing a new build, the choices and decisions to be made for flooring, lighting, cabinetry and countertops, plumbing, paint colour and more, as well as the coordination to make it all come together, can feel very overwhelming. Sheri’s ability to filter through our combined ideas, plus her great working relationships with all the suppliers and tradespeople made the experience wonderful rather than chaotic as we had initially anticipated.

For those who haven’t used a designer before, you may not be aware of the cost savings afforded you by doing so. We think a great working relationship between a designer and a client is one that is open and honest. We had that with Sheri. She knew our budget and we were able to make quick, concrete decisions with our choices.

The end result is one we love and we have talked many times about how much fun the process was and how we will choose Sheri in a heartbeat to help us with our next project!